Binary package “libcppdb-odbc0-dbgsym” in ubuntu xenial

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 CppDB is an SQL connectivity library that is designed to provide platform and
 Database independent connectivity API similarly to what JDBC, ODBC and other
 connectivity libraries do.
 This library is developed as part of CppCMS Project - the C++ Web Development
 CppDB was designed with following goals in the mind:
  - Performance is the primary goal - make fastest possible SQL connectivity as
  - Transparent connection pooling support
  - Transparent prepared statements caching
  - Dynamic DB modules loading and optional static linking
  - Full and high priority support of FOSS RDBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite3
  - Support as many RDBMSs as possible via cppdb-odbc bridge
  - Simplicity in use
  - Locale safety
  - Support of both explicit verbose API and brief and nice syntactic sugar
 This package contains the odbc backend