Binary package “libfuzzer-5.0-dev” in ubuntu xenial

Library for coverage-guided fuzz testing

 LibFuzzer is a library for in-process, coverage-guided, evolutionary fuzzing
 of other libraries.
 LibFuzzer is similar in concept to American Fuzzy Lop (AFL), but it performs
 all of its fuzzing inside a single process. This in-process fuzzing can be
 more restrictive and fragile, but is potentially much faster as there is no
 overhead for process start-up.
 The fuzzer is linked with the library under test, and feeds fuzzed inputs to
 the library via a specific fuzzing entrypoint (aka 'target function'); the
 fuzzer then tracks which areas of the code are reached, and generates mutations
 on the corpus of input data in order to maximize the code coverage. The code
 coverage information for libFuzzer is provided by LLVM's SanitizerCoverage

Published versions