Binary package “libgf-complete-dev” in ubuntu xenial

Galois Field Arithmetic - development files

 Galois Field arithmetic forms the backbone of erasure-coded storage systems,
 most famously the Reed-Solomon erasure code. A Galois Field is defined over
 w-bit words and is termed GF(2w). As such, the elements of a Galois Field are
 the integers 0, 1, . . ., 2^w − 1. Galois Field arithmetic defines addition
 and multiplication over these closed sets of integers in such a way that they
 work as you would hope they would work. Specifically, every number has a
 unique multiplicative inverse. Moreover, there is a value, typically the value
 2, which has the property that you can enumerate all of the non-zero elements
 of the field by taking that value to successively higher powers.
 This package contains the development files needed to build against the shared