Binary package “libguichan-dev” in ubuntu xenial

small, efficient C++ GUI library (development headers)

 Guichan is a small and efficient C++ GUI library designed for games. It
 comes with a standard set of widgets and can use several different objects
 for displaying graphics and grabbing user input.
 Guichan has a very abstract design which allows users of Guichan to use
 different objects for displaying of graphics and grabbing of user input.
 Guichan comes with (for now) 3 implemented graphics objects (SDLGraphics,
 OpenGLGraphics and AllegroGraphics) and 2 implemented input objects
 (SDLInput and AllegroInput),
 Guichan is designed in a very abstract way making it very easy to extend
 Guichan for your own needs. It is even very easy to implement new graphics
 objects making Guichan as portable as ansi C++ is.
 This package contains the development headers for the guichan library.