Binary package “libpqtypes-dev” in ubuntu xenial

parameterized queries libpq extension - development

 libpqtypes is a libpq extension that offers a new way of handling
 parameterized queries and getting result field values. Both putting
 parameters and getting values use a printf/scanf style interface, with
 consistent specifiers for both.
  * Full support for binary and text format. (parameter and result)
  * Full support for composites, arrays and composite arrays. (binary format
  * printf style interface to libpq's binary parameterized API. (PQputf)
  * scanf style interface for getting values: PQgetvalue extension. (PQgetf)
  * Ability to register user-defined types, aliases and data type sub-classes
    for use with printf style interfaces: ex. "%mytype".
  * Per-thread global error message. (PQgeterror)
  * Online docs as well as man pages.
 This package contains the headers and manpages.