Binary package “libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev” in ubuntu xenial

Web content engine library for GTK+ - development files

 WebKit is a web content engine, derived from KHTML and KJS from KDE, and
 used primarily in Apple's Safari browser. It is made to be embedded in
 other applications, such as mail readers, or web browsers.
 It is able to display content such as HTML, SVG, XML, and others. It also
 supports DOM, XMLHttpRequest, XSLT, CSS, JavaScript/ECMAScript and more.
 WebKit2 is an API layer for WebKit designed from the ground up to
 support a split process model, where the web content lives in a
 separate process from the application UI.
 This build comes from the GTK+ port of WebKit (API version 4.0).
 This package contains the development files.

Published versions