Binary package “libxen-dev” in ubuntu xenial

Public headers and libs for Xen

 This package contains the public headers and static libraries for Xen.
 The libxenlight library is intended as a common base for all Xen toolstack
 developers. The libxlutil library contains additional helpers which may
 be useful to toolstack developers.
 The libxenstore library allows userspace processes to interact with the
 XenStore database. XenStore is a shared database used for interdomain
 communication of configuration and status information. It is accessible
 to all domains running on the same Xen host. See for more information.
 The libxenctrl and libxenguest libraries are internal libraries intended
 for use by the Xen toolstack and are not intended to be used directly.
 Toolstack authors should use libxenlight.