Binary package “murasaki-common” in ubuntu xenial

homology detection tool across multiple large genomes (common files)

 Murasaki is a scalable and fast, language theory-based homology
 detection tool across multiple large genomes. It enable whole-genome
 scale multiple genome global alignments. Supports unlimited length
 gapped-seed patterns and unique TF-IDF based filtering.
 Murasaki is an anchor alignment software, which is
  * exteremely fast (17 CPU hours for whole Human x Mouse genome (with
    40 nodes: 52 wall minutes))
  * scalable (Arbitrarily parallelizable across multiple nodes using MPI.
    Even a single node with 16GB of ram can handle over 1Gbp of sequence.)
  * unlimited pattern length
  * repeat tolerant
  * intelligent noise reduction
 This package contains all files that are common to the single core murasaki
 package and the multi core murasaki-mpi package.