Binary package “opencaster” in ubuntu xenial

MPEG2 transport stream data generator and packet manipulator

 OpenCaster is a collection of tools for Linux system to play out and
 multiplex MPEG2 transport stream format.
  - MHP, MHEG5, HbbTv and others interactive tv standards object carousel
  - Playout of locally stored, offline encoded audio and video for non-live
    tv and radio stations
  - Multiplexing of input multicasted UDP transport stream to output
    multicasted UDP transport stream
  - VOD system based on mpeg2 transport stream over IP or over DVB for
    walled garden network like hotels with coax or ethernet.
  - DVB-SSU update
  - Data casting
  - IP encapsualtor
  - PSI/SI generator
  - EPG generator
 OpenCaster output has been successfully integrated with a long list of
 dvb products, among them there are products by Cisco/Scientific Atlanta,
 Ericsson/Tandberg, Dektec, Eurotek, Harmonic/Scopus, MainConcept, Mitan,
 Screen Service, Adtec, Wellav, Sr-Systems, Deltacast, ...
 Integration is tested and available on the Avalpa Broadcast Server
 OpenCaster has been tested with Rohde & Schwarz DVM100L, Rohde & Schwarz
 DVM 400, Dektec StreamXpert and a countless number of set top boxes,
 digital receivers and flat panels
  - PSI generation (PAT, PMT, NIT, SDT, TDT, AIT, TOT, ...)
  - EPG/EIT generation
  - Object and data carousel generation and receivement (MHP, MHEG5, HbbTv,
    DVB-SSU, DSMCC, ...)
  - third party software AC-3, MPEG2 audio, MPEG2 video and H264 video
    encoders support
  - Audio Description generation support
  - IP encapsulation (MPE)
  - CBR transport stream muxing
  - PCR stamping
  - Null packet replacement
  - PID filtering
  - PID remapping
  - Null packet insertion
  - Video buffer verifier
  - PCR timing verifier
  - PES headers analyzer
  - MPEG2 video and MPEG2/AC-3 audio ES header analyzer
  - M2TS file generation from TS file