Binary package “opensmtpd-extras” in ubuntu xenial

addons for the OpenSMTPD SMTP server

 The OpenSMTPD server seeks to be
  * as secure as possible, and uses privilege separation to mitigate
    possible security bugs
  * as reliable as possible: any accepted email must not be lost
  * lean: it covers typical usage cases instead of every obscure one
  * easy to configure, with a configuration syntax reminiscent of the OpenBSD
    Packet Filter's (PF)
  * fast and efficient: it can handle large queues with reasonable performance
 This package provides the full set of addons for OpenSMTPD, including
 experimental ones. Please see each for a description of additional
  * Tables:
    + ldap: support lookup against LDAP
    + mysql: support lookup against MySQL
    + passwd: support lookup in passwd-format tables
    + postgres: support lookup against PostgreSQL
    + redis: support lookup against a Redis server
    + socketmap: support lookups against sockets
    + sqlite: support lookup in SQLite tables
  * Filters:
    + clamav: filter mail through clamd [clamav-daemon]
    + dkim-signer: add DKIM signatures to headers
    + dnsbl: perform DNSBL checks
    + monkey: randomly accept mail with a probability of 70%
    + pause: pause on new connections to avoid "slamming" attacks
    + regex: filter mail using regex
    + spamassassin: filter mail through SpamAssassin's spamd [spamassassin]
    + trace: trace SMTP sessions
 This package does not yet provide the language bindings (Python, Perl, Lua,
 etc.) for implementing additional filters.