Binary package “pykaraoke” in ubuntu xenial

free CDG/MIDI/MPEG karaoke player

 PyKaraoke is a free karaoke player. You can use this program to play your
 collection of CDG, MIDI and MPEG karaoke songs.
 pykaraoke is a frontend for the pycdg and pympg karaoke players. It provides
 a search engine to find your songs, a file/folder browser to pick songs from
 disk, as well as a playlist.
    * CDG (MP3+G, OGG+G) playback - Play standard CDG karaoke files
    * MIDI (.MID/.KAR) playback - Play MIDI format karaoke files
    * MPEG playback - Play karaoke songs and movies in MPEG format
    * Playlist - Queue up songs, sit back and enjoy
    * Searchable song database - Easily find your songs from the main screen
    * Search inside ZIP files - Play MP3+G/MIDI files wrapped in ZIP files
    * Cross-platform - Runs on Windows and Linux
 MIDI/KAR support on Linux, requires the following:
    * Timidity++
    * Sounds/patches for Timidity++ (e.g. freepats or eawpatches)