Binary package “python-google-apputils” in ubuntu xenial

Google Application Utilities - Python 2.x

 This project is a small collection of utilities for building Python
 applications. It includes some of the same set of utilities used to
 build and run internal Python apps at Google.
 It features:
  + Simple application startup integrated with python-gflags.
  + Subcommands for command-line applications.
  + Option to drop into pdb on uncaught exceptions.
  + Helper functions for dealing with files.
  + High-level profiling tools.
  + Timezone-aware wrappers for datetime.datetime classes.
  + Improved TestCase with the same methods as unittest2, plus helpful flags for
    test startup.
  + google_test setuptools command for running tests.
  + Helper module for creating application stubs.
 This package provides the Python 2.x module.

Published versions