Binary package “quake4-server” in ubuntu xenial

dedicated server for Quake 4

 This package contains a launcher script and systemd unit to run a
 Quake 4 server using the proprietary x86 binaries provided by id Software.
 Please note that the Quake 4 engine is not Free Software, and Debian
 cannot fix any bugs or security flaws in the engine or game code.
 To mitigate any security flaws that might exist in this server,
 the systemd unit is not enabled by default, and must be enabled
 with systemctl if it should start at boot time. The systemd unit
 uses various security hardening options to prevent the server from
 escalating its privileges. There is no sysvinit script,
 since sysvinit does not provide similar security hardening.
 To make this package useful, you will need to create and install some
 non-distributable packages by using the game-data-packager package:
 quake4-bin, and either quake4-data (for the uncensored
 version sold on Steam and in countries other than Germany) or
 quake4-censored-de-data (for the incompatible version sold in Germany).
 Creating those packages requires data files from a Quake 4 installation
 or DVD.