Binary package “ruby-commander” in ubuntu xenial

Ruby command-line interface library

 "Commander" bridges the gap between other terminal related libraries
 you know and love (OptionParser, HighLine), while providing many new
 features, and an elegant API.
    * Easier than baking cookies
    * Parses options using OptionParser
    * Auto-populates struct with options:
      ( no more { |v| options[:recursive] = v } )
    * Auto-generates help documentation via pluggable help formatters
    * Optional default command when none is present
    * Global / Command level options
    * Packaged with two help formatters (Terminal, TerminalCompact)
    * Imports the highline gem for interacting with the terminal
    * Adds additional user interaction functionality
    * Highly customizable progress bar with intuitive, simple usage
    * Multi-word command name support
    * Sexy paging for long bodies of text
    * Command aliasing
    * Use the 'commander' executable to initialize a commander driven program