Binary package “xblast-tnt” in ubuntu xenial

multiplayer blast-the-others game inspired by Dynablaster

 XBlast is a multi-player arcade game inspired by the video/computer game
 Bomberman (Dynablaster).
   - 2 to 6 players
   - 1 or 2 players per X-Server (or up to 6 with joysticks)
   - about 1000 levels
   - about 20 player models
   - PoV-Ray rendered color graphics
   - central server support with statistics
 If you want to host games you need to install the xblast-tnt-levels package,
 and you might want to install xblast-tnt-sounds for sound support. The
 xblast-tnt-musics package contains background musics for the game, if you