Binary package “zita-njbridge” in ubuntu xenial

Jack clients to transmit multichannel audio over a local IP network

 Command line Jack clients to transmit full quality multichannel audio
 over a local IP network, with adaptive resampling.
 Main features:
  - One-to-one (UDP) or one-to-many (multicast).
  - Sender and receiver(s) can each have their own
    sample rate and period size.
  - Up to 64 channels, 16 or 24 bit or float samples.
  - Receiver(s) can select any combination of channels.
  - Low latency, optional additional buffering.
  - High quality jitter-free resampling.
  - Graceful handling of xruns, skipped cycles, lost
    packets and freewheeling.
  - IP6 fully supported.
  - Requires zita-resampler, no other dependencies.