mir source package in Xenial

libmirclient-debug-extension-dev: Display server for Ubuntu - client debug interface headers
libmirclient-debug-extension1: No summary available for libmirclient-debug-extension1 in ubuntu wily.
libmirclient-debug-extension1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libmirclient-debug-extension1
libmirclient-dev: No summary available for libmirclient-dev in ubuntu wily.
libmirclient9: No summary available for libmirclient9 in ubuntu wily.
libmirclient9-dbgsym: No summary available for libmirclient9-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
libmircommon-dev: Display server for Ubuntu - development headers
libmircommon5: No summary available for libmircommon5 in ubuntu wily.
libmircommon5-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libmircommon5
libmircookie-dev: Produce and verify spoof-resistant timestamps - development headers
libmircookie1: No summary available for libmircookie1 in ubuntu xenial.
libmircookie1-dbgsym: No summary available for libmircookie1-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
libmirplatform-dev: No summary available for libmirplatform-dev in ubuntu wily.
libmirplatform11: Display server for Ubuntu - platform library
libmirplatform11-dbgsym: No summary available for libmirplatform11-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
libmirprotobuf3: No summary available for libmirprotobuf3 in ubuntu wily.
libmirprotobuf3-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libmirprotobuf3
libmirserver-dev: Display server for Ubuntu - development headers
libmirserver35: No summary available for libmirserver35 in ubuntu xenial.
libmirserver35-dbgsym: No summary available for libmirserver35-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
mir-client-platform-android3: No summary available for mir-client-platform-android3 in ubuntu xenial.
mir-client-platform-android3-dbgsym: No summary available for mir-client-platform-android3-dbgsym in ubuntu xenial.
mir-client-platform-mesa-dev: Display server for Ubuntu - client platform library for Mesa development files
mir-client-platform-mesa3: No summary available for mir-client-platform-mesa3 in ubuntu wily.
mir-client-platform-mesa3-dbgsym: No summary available for mir-client-platform-mesa3-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
mir-demos: No summary available for mir-demos in ubuntu wily.
mir-demos-dbgsym: debug symbols for package mir-demos
mir-doc: No summary available for mir-doc in ubuntu wily.
mir-graphics-drivers-android: No summary available for mir-graphics-drivers-android in ubuntu wily.
mir-graphics-drivers-desktop: Display server for Ubuntu - desktop driver metapackage
mir-platform-graphics-android6: No summary available for mir-platform-graphics-android6 in ubuntu wily.
mir-platform-graphics-android6-dbgsym: No summary available for mir-platform-graphics-android6-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
mir-platform-graphics-mesa-kms6: No summary available for mir-platform-graphics-mesa-kms6 in ubuntu wily.
mir-platform-graphics-mesa-kms6-dbgsym: No summary available for mir-platform-graphics-mesa-kms6-dbgsym in ubuntu xenial.
mir-platform-graphics-mesa-x6: No summary available for mir-platform-graphics-mesa-x6 in ubuntu wily.
mir-platform-graphics-mesa-x6-dbgsym: No summary available for mir-platform-graphics-mesa-x6-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
mir-platform-input-evdev3: No summary available for mir-platform-input-evdev3 in ubuntu wily.
mir-platform-input-evdev3-dbgsym: No summary available for mir-platform-input-evdev3-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
mir-renderer-gl-dev: Display server for Ubuntu - GL Renderer development files
mir-test-tools: No summary available for mir-test-tools in ubuntu wily.
mir-test-tools-dbgsym: No summary available for mir-test-tools-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
mir-utils: No summary available for mir-utils in ubuntu wily.
mir-utils-dbgsym: No summary available for mir-utils-dbgsym in ubuntu wily.
mirtest-dev: Display server for Ubuntu - test development headers and library
python3-mir-perf-framework: No summary available for python3-mir-perf-framework in ubuntu wily.

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mir information

Current version:
Medium Urgency

Upstream connections

Canonical DX ProjectsMir0.26

Mir is a display server technology.

Bug supervisor: yes
Bug tracker: yes
Branch: yes

Mir 0.26.3 is older than the current packaged version. Launchpad may be missing release information for the 0.26 series or this package is linked to the wrong Mir series.

Binary packages