python3-plainbox 0.25-1 (amd64 binary) in ubuntu xenial

 PlainBox is a toolkit consisting of python3 library, development tools,
 documentation and examples. It is targeted at developers working on testing or
 certification applications and authors creating tests for such applications.
 PlainBox can be used to both create simple and comprehensive test tools as
 well as to develop and execute test jobs and test scenarios. It was created as
 a refined and rewritten core of the Checkbox project. It has a well tested and
 documented core, small but active development community and a collection of
 associated projects that use it as a lower-level engine/back-end library.
 PlainBox has a novel approach to discovering (and probing) hardware and
 software that is extensible and not hardwired into the system. It allows test
 developers to express association between a particular test and the hardware,
 software and configuration constraints that must be met for the test to
 execute meaningfully. This feature, along with pluggable test definitions,
 makes plainbox flexible and applicable to many diverse testing situations,
 ranging from mobile phones, traditional desktop computers, servers and up to
 testing "cloud" installations.
 This package contains the plainbox python3 library.


Package version:
plainbox 0.25-1 source package in Ubuntu