gmt-gshhg-low binary package in Ubuntu Xenial arm64

 GSHHG is a high-resolution shoreline data set amalgamated from two databases:
 Global Self-consistent Hierarchical High-resolution Shorelines (GSHHS) and
 CIA World Data Bank II (WDBII). GSHHG contains vector descriptions at five
 different resolutions of land outlines, lakes, rivers, and political
 boundaries. This data is for use by GMT, the Generic Mapping Tools.
 This package contains the crude, low and intermediate resolution coastlines
 which will be enough to get you started.
 Use gmt-gshhg-high or gmt-gshhg-full to create better quality maps at
 an higher resolution, but be aware that the full maps take space on
 your disk.

Publishing history

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  2015-10-22 15:20:22 UTC Published Ubuntu Xenial arm64 release universe science Extra 2.3.4-2
  • Published on 2015-10-22
  • Copied from ubuntu wily-proposed amd64 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu