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 Kyoto Cabinet is a library of routines for managing a database. The
 database is a simple data file containing records, each is a pair of
 a key and a value. Every key and value is serial bytes with variable
 length. Both binary data and character string can be used as a key and
 a value. Each key must be unique within a database. There is neither
 concept of data tables nor data types. Records are organized in
 hash table or B+ tree.
 Kyoto Cabinet runs very fast. For example, elapsed time to store
 one million records is 0.9 seconds for hash database, and 1.1 seconds
 for B+ tree database. Moreover, the size of database is very small.
 For example, overhead for a record is 16 bytes for hash database,
 and 4 bytes for B+ tree database. Furthermore, scalability of
 Kyoto Cabinet is great. The database size can be up to 8EB (9.22e18 bytes).
 Sponsored by the same company, Kyoto Cabinet is "[a] more powerful and
 convenient library than Tokyo Cabinet [and] surpasses Tokyo Cabinet in
 every aspect".
 This package contains the documentation.


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