r-cran-genabel binary package in Ubuntu Xenial armhf

 The package offers the R library GenABEL for the hunt of genetic contributions
 to a disease (or any other pheonypical trait) by so called genome-wide
 association analysis. Additional input commonly comes from DNA mircoarray
 experiments, performed on every individual, that determine differences
 (polymorphisms) in the population. GenABEL finds associations between
 quantitative or binary traits and single-nucleiotide polymorphisms

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2015-10-22 15:20:22 UTC Published Ubuntu Xenial armhf release universe gnu-r Optional 1.8-0-1
  • Published on 2015-10-22
  • Copied from ubuntu utopic-proposed armhf in Primary Archive for Ubuntu