libgeronimo-commonj-spec-java binary package in Ubuntu Xenial i386

 The CommonJ API enables concurrent programming of EJBs and
 Servlets within a J2EE application. This API is also known
 as Timer and Work Manager API.
 The CommonJ API contains the following components:
  - Timer API:
    The Timer API allows applications to schedule and receive
    timer notification callbacks for a specific listener defined
    within an application. Timers allow you to schedule and
    perform work at specific times or intervals.
  - Work Manager API:
    The Work Manager API allows an application to prioritize
    work within an EJB or Servlet. Applications can
    programmatically execute multiple work items within a

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  2015-10-22 15:20:22 UTC Published Ubuntu Xenial i386 release universe java Optional 1.1.1-3
  • Published on 2015-10-22
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