Packages in parent series 'Stretch' but not in 'Yakkety'


Packages that are listed here are those that have been added to the specific packages in parent series 'Stretch' that were used to create Yakkety. They are listed here so you can consider including them in Yakkety.

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Source Stretch version Parent package-sets Last changed Latest comment
aac-tactics 8.6.1-1 (changelog) 2017-01-14 by Debian OCaml Maintainers
abduco (changelog)
aboot (changelog) 1.0~pre20040408-4 1.0~pre20040408-4
about-distro (changelog)
acccheck 0.2.1-3 (changelog) 2017-01-15 by Debian Security Tools Packaging Team
accerciser 3.22.0-2+deb9u1 (changelog) 2018-11-10 by Debian Accessibility Team
ace-window 0.9.0-2 (changelog) 2016-10-24 by Debian Emacs addons team
acidbase (changelog)
ack 2.14-5 (changelog) 2016-12-22 by Debian Perl Group
acme-tiny 20160801-3+deb9u1 (changelog) 2018-03-10 by Debian Let's Encrypt
adblock-plus (changelog) 2.7.3+dfsg-1 2.7.3+dfsg-1
adblock-plus-element-hiding-helper (changelog) 1.3.8-1 1.3.8-1
adminer 4.2.5-3+deb9u1 (changelog) 2018-07-14 by lamby
adobe-flashplugin (changelog)
afew 0.0+git2016.02.29.b19a88f-2 (changelog) 2017-01-06 by Debian Python Modules Team
aff4 0.24.post1-2 (changelog) 2016-12-28 by Hilko Bengen
aiodns 1.1.1-1 (changelog) 2016-10-17 by Tanguy Ortolo
akonadi4 1.13.0-11 (changelog) 2016-11-15 by Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers
all-in-one-sidebar (changelog) 0.7.28-2 0.7.28-2
alljoyn-services-1604 16.04-3 (changelog) 2017-01-06 by Debian IoT Maintainers
alsa-base (changelog)
amor (changelog) 4:4.13.3-1 4:4.13.3-1
ampr-ripd 1.15-1 (changelog) 2016-10-03 by Debian Hamradio Maintainers
amule-adunanza (changelog)
android-framework-23 6.0.1+r72-3 (changelog) 2016-12-20 by Android tools Maintainer
android-platform-external-doclava 6.0.1+r55-1 (changelog) 2016-09-11 by Android tools Maintainer
android-platform-system-tools-aidl 1:7.0.0+r33-1 (changelog) 2017-05-08 by Android tools Maintainer
android-platform-tools-analytics-library 2.2.2-2 (changelog) 2017-01-26 by Android tools Maintainer
android-platform-tools-apksig 0.5+git168~g10c9d71-1 (changelog) 2017-04-10 by Android tools Maintainer
android-platform-tools-swt (changelog) 2.0.0-1 2.0.0-1
angular-maven-plugin 0.3.4-1 (changelog) 2016-10-27 by Debian Java Maintainers
ansible-tower-cli 3.0.2-1 (changelog) 2016-12-28 by Evgeni Golov
aoflagger 2.9.0-1 (changelog) 2017-01-01 by Debian Astronomy Maintainers
apache2 2.4.25-3+deb9u6 (changelog) 2018-11-10 by Debian Apache Maintainers
apertium-ita 0.9.0~r72553-1 (changelog) 2016-09-16 by Debian Science Team
apertium-srd 0.9.0~r72792-1 (changelog) 2016-09-16 by Debian Science Team
apertium-srd-ita 0.9.0~r72554-1 (changelog) 2016-09-17 by Debian Science Team
apparmor 2.11.0-3+deb9u2 (changelog) 2018-03-10 by Debian AppArmor Team
appdata-tools (changelog)
apper 0.9.2+git20161222-3 (changelog) 2017-01-30 by Matthias Klumpp
appstream-data (changelog)
apq-postgresql (changelog)
apt 1.4.9 (changelog) 2019-01-23 by APT Development Team
apt-listbugs 0.1.22 (changelog) 2016-12-29 by Francesco Poli (wintermute)
apt-spy (changelog) 3.2.2-1 3.2.2-1
apt-zip (changelog)
arcanist-clang-format-linter 0.git20161021-2 (changelog) 2016-11-06 by Andrej Shadura
arcboot (changelog)
arcboot-installer 1.29 (changelog) 2016-08-20 by Debian Install System Team
ariba 2.6.1+ds-1 (changelog) 2017-01-01 by Debian Med
arm64-cross-toolchain-base (changelog)
armel-cross-toolchain-base (changelog)
armhf-cross-toolchain-base (changelog)
armory (changelog) 0.92.3-1 0.92.3-1
asr-manpages (changelog)
asterisk 1:13.14.1~dfsg-2+deb9u4 (changelog) 2018-11-10 by Debian VoIP Team
asterisk-chan-capi (changelog) 1.1.6-1 1.1.6-1
asterisk-opus 13.7+20161113-3 (changelog) 2017-01-01 by Debian VoIP Team
astroplan 0.2-5 (changelog) 2017-03-02 by Debian Astronomy Maintainers
asyncpg 0.8.4-1 (changelog) 2017-01-21 by Piotr O┼╝arowski
aufs 4.9+20161219-1 (changelog) 2017-01-27 by Filesystems Group
autofill-forms (changelog) 1.1.3-1 1.1.3-1
automake (changelog)
automake1.10 (changelog)
automake1.9 (changelog)
automatic-save-folder (changelog) 1.0.5~20140831-4 1.0.5~20140831-4
avbin (changelog)
avinfo (changelog)
avy 0.4.0-2 (changelog) 2017-01-07 by Debian Emacs addons team
aws-shell 0.1.1-2 (changelog) 2016-10-29 by takaki
awstats 7.6+dfsg-1+deb9u1 (changelog) 2018-03-10 by Sergey B Kirpichev
axis2c (changelog)
azure-cli (changelog) 0.1.0~b7-1 0.1.0~b7-1
175 of 2275 results