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account-plugin-aim: Messaging account plugin for AIM
account-plugin-aim-dbgsym: debug symbols for package account-plugin-aim
account-plugin-gadugadu: No summary available for account-plugin-gadugadu in ubuntu yakkety.
account-plugin-gadugadu-dbgsym: debug symbols for package account-plugin-gadugadu
account-plugin-groupwise: No summary available for account-plugin-groupwise in ubuntu yakkety.
account-plugin-groupwise-dbgsym: No summary available for account-plugin-groupwise-dbgsym in ubuntu yakkety.
account-plugin-icq: No summary available for account-plugin-icq in ubuntu yakkety.
account-plugin-icq-dbgsym: No summary available for account-plugin-icq-dbgsym in ubuntu yakkety.
account-plugin-irc: Messaging account plugin for IRC
account-plugin-irc-dbgsym: debug symbols for package account-plugin-irc
account-plugin-jabber: Messaging account plugin for Jabber/XMPP
account-plugin-jabber-dbgsym: debug symbols for package account-plugin-jabber
account-plugin-mxit: No summary available for account-plugin-mxit in ubuntu yakkety.
account-plugin-mxit-dbgsym: debug symbols for package account-plugin-mxit
account-plugin-myspace: Messaging account plugin for MySpace
account-plugin-myspace-dbgsym: debug symbols for package account-plugin-myspace
account-plugin-salut: Messaging account plugin for Local XMPP (Salut)
account-plugin-salut-dbgsym: debug symbols for package account-plugin-salut
account-plugin-sametime: No summary available for account-plugin-sametime in ubuntu yakkety.
account-plugin-sametime-dbgsym: No summary available for account-plugin-sametime-dbgsym in ubuntu yakkety.
account-plugin-sip: Messaging account plugin for SIP
account-plugin-sip-dbgsym: debug symbols for package account-plugin-sip
account-plugin-yahoo: No summary available for account-plugin-yahoo in ubuntu yakkety.
account-plugin-yahoo-dbgsym: debug symbols for package account-plugin-yahoo
account-plugin-yahoojp: Messaging account plugin for Yahoo Japan
account-plugin-yahoojp-dbgsym: debug symbols for package account-plugin-yahoojp
account-plugin-zephyr: Messaging account plugin for Zephyr
account-plugin-zephyr-dbgsym: debug symbols for package account-plugin-zephyr
empathy: GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client
empathy-common: GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (common files)
empathy-dbg: GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (debug symbols)
empathy-dbgsym: debug symbols for package empathy
mcp-account-manager-goa: GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (GOA plugin)
mcp-account-manager-goa-dbgsym: No summary available for mcp-account-manager-goa-dbgsym in ubuntu yakkety.
mcp-account-manager-uoa: GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client (UOA plugin)
mcp-account-manager-uoa-dbgsym: debug symbols for package mcp-account-manager-uoa

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The Gnome ProjectEmpathytrunk

Empathy is a messaging program which supports text, voice, and video chat and file transfers over many different protocols. Empathy uses Telepathy for protocol support and has an user interface based on Gossip. Empathy is the default chat client in Karmic and later Ubuntu versions, and in current versions of GNOME, making it easier for other applications to integrate collaboration functionality using Telepathy.

Bug supervisor: no
Bug tracker: yes
Branch: yes

There are no registered releases for the Empathy ⇒ trunk.