util-linux source package in Yakkety

bsdutils: No summary available for bsdutils in ubuntu yakkety.
bsdutils-dbgsym: No summary available for bsdutils-dbgsym in ubuntu yakkety.
fdisk-udeb: No summary available for fdisk-udeb in ubuntu yakkety.
fdisk-udeb-dbgsym: debug symbols for package fdisk-udeb
libblkid-dev: block device ID library - headers and static libraries
libblkid1: block device ID library
libblkid1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libblkid1
libblkid1-udeb: No summary available for libblkid1-udeb in ubuntu yakkety.
libblkid1-udeb-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libblkid1-udeb
libfdisk-dev: fdisk partitioning library - headers and static libraries
libfdisk1: No summary available for libfdisk1 in ubuntu yakkety.
libfdisk1-dbgsym: No summary available for libfdisk1-dbgsym in ubuntu yakkety.
libfdisk1-udeb: stripped down fdisk partitioning library, for debian-installer
libfdisk1-udeb-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libfdisk1-udeb
libmount-dev: device mounting library - headers and static libraries
libmount1: device mounting library
libmount1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libmount1
libsmartcols-dev: smart column output alignment library - headers and static libraries
libsmartcols1: smart column output alignment library
libsmartcols1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libsmartcols1
libsmartcols1-udeb: No summary available for libsmartcols1-udeb in ubuntu yakkety.
libsmartcols1-udeb-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libsmartcols1-udeb
libuuid1: Universally Unique ID library
libuuid1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libuuid1
libuuid1-udeb: stripped down Universally Unique ID library, for debian-installer
libuuid1-udeb-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libuuid1-udeb
mount: No summary available for mount in ubuntu yakkety.
mount-dbgsym: No summary available for mount-dbgsym in ubuntu yakkety.
util-linux: miscellaneous system utilities
util-linux-dbgsym: debug symbols for package util-linux
util-linux-locales: locales files for util-linux
util-linux-udeb: stripped down miscellaneous system utilities, for debian-installer
util-linux-udeb-dbgsym: debug symbols for package util-linux-udeb
uuid-dev: Universally Unique ID library - headers and static libraries
uuid-runtime: runtime components for the Universally Unique ID library
uuid-runtime-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uuid-runtime

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Util-linux-ng is a suite of essential utilities for any Linux system. It contains many basic utilities used for setting up partitions and basic system infrastructure on a Linux system. It is for expert users only.

Bug supervisor: no
Bug tracker: yes
Branch: yes
Translations: yes

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