Change logs for tomatoes source package in Zesty

  • tomatoes (1.55-6) unstable; urgency=medium
      * New maintainer, thanks to all the previous people that worked on this
        package, i also would like to mention Joao Eriberto Mota Filho
        <email address hidden>, whom sponsored me (closes: #833464).
      * debian/control:
        - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.8.
        - [tomatoes|tomatoes-data]: Description: Better alignment.
        - tomatoes-data: Change description to mention music files.
        - tomatoes-data: Remove ${shlibs:Depends} dependency.
      * debian/copyright: Convert to dep-5 format.
      * debian/install: Remove debian/menuicon.xpm.
      * debian/menuicon.xpm: Remove, it was only needed for debian/
      * debian/patches:
        - Add missing header to all patches.
        - flags.diff: Merge into 08_flags.diff.
        - 04_credits.diff: Change to reflect new maintainer.
        - 08_flags.diff: Add CPPFLAGS and merge with flags.diff.
        - 09_sort_source_files.diff: Reproducible build, thanks to
          Reiner Herrmann (closes: #792529).
      * debian/rules:
        - Don't append date on version.
        - Export hardening=+all and remove trailing whitespace.
        - override_dh_installchangelogs: Generate and install changelog.
      * debian/tomatoes.6:
        - Add new upstream's email.
        - Fix typo "tomates".
        - Remove old mention of upstream's occupation.
      * debian/tomatoes.desktop:
        - Add Keywords.
        - Remove deprecated Encoding key.
      * debian/ Remove in favor of tomatoes.desktop.
      * debian/[tomatoes|tomatoes-data].lintian-overrides: Create override for
        "using-first-person-in-description", as description starts with the full
        name of the game: "I Have No Tomatoes".
      * debian/watch: Bump to v4.
     -- Samuel Henrique <email address hidden>  Sat, 20 Aug 2016 21:21:54 -0300