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An easy way for people to see what is on their network in ubuntu

Hey, we need devs and designers for this, please email me.

taken from the brainstorm:
"I think that Ubuntu should have it's own networking center, where you can remote desktop and send a network message to other Ubuntu computers, along file share using normal 'Shared Folders'

I personally think the one thing that really lacks in Ubuntu is the networking features, you click 'Places' then 'Network' then all you have is a 'Windows Network' folder.
And the 'Connect to Server' option isn't very 'noob friendly.'

Ubuntu Network Center would view all devices on the network along with their IP, and Name, and the ability to connect, view shared folders and files and send a message through the network to that computer. "

my comment:

"One possible problem with it (aside from you using windows icons) is that there would have to be a veritable crap-load of various icons that represent various specie of computers.

The easiest way would be to ask over SNMP or Avahi (bonjour) or some fancy complicated protocol, but then not every device would support it OOB (Out Of Box). You could have it display a different icon for each major OS family (Android, Cupertino (osx/iOS), Linux, Redmond (win), WinCE/WP6.5/7, Other, MeeGo, Symbian cubed, etc), discovering the OS using nmap or some other funky sweet algorithmic awesomesauce.

As far as the messaging idea works, that seriously is a good idea. It could abuse the Avahi IM service, allowing you to chat with someone from across the room, without internet uplink (saved my butt at school many a time, we would pass around class notes over Avahi). But instead of a wall-esque approach (You send, I see, I hit ok, I hit message, I send, contd.) you should have it tie into empathy using dbus to send the message. "

Linuxlala commented:
"+1 from me.Very good idea but I think that the best way to manage a network is the comand line (terminal).A "network centre" is just a front-end"

aliancecmd also commented:
"Yep, Ubuntu lacks of this fancy things... And this kind of things drag the people to the OS..."

here is the mockup:

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