Ubuntu One Client 1.2.0

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Ubuntu One Client
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1 Chad Miller, 1 Facundo Batista, 1 Guillermo Gonzalez, 1 John O'Brien, 2 Natalia Bidart, 2 Rodrigo Moya, 1 Ubuntu One Client Engineering team, 4 dobey
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
555747 #555747 TypeError: set_files_sync_enabled() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given) 2 Critical dobey  10 Fix Released
561557 #561557 Ubuntu One Preferences menu icon is broken 2 Critical dobey  10 Fix Released
547087 #547087 u1sdtool --list-folders list doesn't match Nautilus right-click options 3 High dobey  10 Fix Released
553547 #553547 Attribute error when recieving ShareChanged message 3 High John O'Brien  10 Fix Released
554269 #554269 Sharing using the contacts picker doesn't work 3 High Rodrigo Moya  10 Fix Released
554522 #554522 Silently fails to sync folder outside of home directory 3 High dobey  10 Fix Released
556529 #556529 Need to Get Public Files list at start 3 High Ubuntu One Client Engineering team  10 Fix Released
557670 #557670 The DBus interface is not showing the full queue 3 High Facundo Batista  10 Fix Released
561713 #561713 ubuntuone-syncdaemon does local rescan for unsubscribed folder 3 High Guillermo Gonzalez  10 Fix Released
562618 #562618 desktopcouch should automatically start replicating when files sync 3 High Chad Miller  10 Fix Released
476635 #476635 Errors are not handled correctly 4 Medium Natalia Bidart  10 Fix Released
522604 #522604 Client does not handle TRY_AGAIN response from server during OAuth 4 Medium Natalia Bidart  10 Fix Released
551603 #551603 Contact Picker - switching between sort order clears selection 4 Medium Rodrigo Moya  10 Fix Released
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