Ubuntu One Client 1.7.0

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Ubuntu One Client
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3 Alejandro J. Cura, 1 Chris Coulson, 1 Eric Casteleijn, 2 Facundo Batista, 1 Michael Terry, 1 Roman Yepishev, 3 dobey
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
764646 #764646 music store widget dies with «TypeError: find_credentials() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)» 2 Critical Alejandro J. Cura  10 Fix Released
767466 #767466 Uploads fail due to starvation 2 Critical Facundo Batista  10 Fix Released
759197 #759197 [natty] Ubuntu One Folder bookmark is not created 3 High Alejandro J. Cura  10 Fix Released
759714 #759714 SyncDaemon is respawned consuming the CPU if it is disabled and application uses NameOwnerChanged 3 High Roman Yepishev  10 Fix Released
765441 #765441 logging defaults to DEBUG in released version 3 High dobey  10 Fix Released
766102 #766102 Client should work with more parallel transfers 3 High Facundo Batista  10 Fix Released
766181 #766181 Trunk and stable-1-6 tests are broken 3 High Alejandro J. Cura  10 Fix Released
767825 #767825 nautilus plugin spamming ~/.xsession-errors 3 High Chris Coulson  10 Fix Released
791548 #791548 Oneiric: Never sees NetworkManager connection 3 High Michael Terry  10 Fix Released
800723 #800723 Install plug-ins to correct ABI directories 3 High dobey  10 Fix Released
801263 #801263 libsyncdaemon header files don't compile under g++ 4 Medium dobey  10 Fix Released
779851 #779851 Ubuntu One's Unity progress bar is uninformative when transferring a single file 6 Wishlist Eric Casteleijn  10 Fix Released
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