Ubuntu One Client 2.99.0

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Ubuntu One Client
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1 Alejandro J. Cura, 3 Diego Sarmentero, 1 Eric Casteleijn, 1 Facundo Batista, 1 Guillermo Gonzalez, 2 Manuel de la Peña, 1 Natalia Bidart
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10 Fix Released

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
807737 #807737 LR should not touch the hashes of non-existant MD 2 Critical Facundo Batista  10 Fix Released
818197 #818197 Handle encoding of the options returned by ConfigGlue 2 Critical Diego Sarmentero  10 Fix Released
869920 #869920 Files in new UDFs are not uploaded due to filtering 2 Critical Guillermo Gonzalez  10 Fix Released
888228 #888228 Implement a multiplatform expand_user 2 Critical Diego Sarmentero  10 Fix Released
692597 #692597 If the user has the date/time/timezone wrong, connection fails (Expired timestamp error) 3 High Alejandro J. Cura  10 Fix Released
881940 #881940 Failing when trying to create ubuntuone_log_dir 3 High Diego Sarmentero  10 Fix Released
898324 #898324 Import from non-deprecated ubuntuone.devtools.testcases 3 High Natalia Bidart  10 Fix Released
807005 #807005 Filename in notification does not reset. 4 Medium Eric Casteleijn  10 Fix Released
817582 #817582 Windows: _set_file_attributes should raise a more specific error when the path does not exist 4 Medium Manuel de la Peña  10 Fix Released
881186 #881186 Windows: SyncDaemonTool is not robust 4 Medium Manuel de la Peña  10 Fix Released
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