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Ubuntu Furry Remix is a complete Ubuntu-based operating system, created for furries by furries with focus on artwork in all of its aspects, from discovering to organizing collections and from quick sketching to professional digital art.

Ubuntu Furry Remix is a community effort to provide a free (as in freedom), rock-stable and easy to use OS tailored for creative people. It includes GIMP-Painter and GIMP Paint Studio (we're the only Ubuntu derivative and probably the only OS in the world which provides them) along with more and better tablet drivers and the latest versions of reputed and acclaimed software such as Blender and Inkscape. We continuously rethink bits and pieces of the OS to make all artwork-related tasks easier. And, of course, it's all wrapped into furry look and feel.

Got an idea? Have coding, painting or design skills? Or just some spare time? Jump in, we need you!

Mailing list:
IRC channel: ##fur-dev on Anthrochat network (yes, ##, double hash)
Come by, say hi, and be sure to drop us a line about your experience with the Remix!

Looking for LiveCD? Click the external downloads link!

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