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This is a remix of Ubuntu to include a full version of GNOME, without Unity. Future regular Ubuntu versions will ship with Unity instead of Gnome.

This is a remix of Ubuntu to include a full version of GNOME. Mark Shuttleworth has stated that versions of Ubuntu from 11.10 and on will not ship the classic gnome interface, opting instead for the unity interface. This project is based almost entirely on regular Ubuntu, with just a few changes to the interface.

This project is early in development. Installation is currently done by adding a PPA repository to your system. A CD .iso will come by our 1.0 release.

The system includes both GNOME 3 shell and a fallback to a classic GNOME interface as of 0.1.0.

This project is remixed by the team at It is not approved or sponsored by Ubuntu, GNOME, or Canonical in any way. It is not for profit and has no commercial objective. We aim to give back to Ubuntu, and several components of this project are being considered for inclusion in Debian and Ubuntu Oneric.

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