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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

Compatibility break: This does not work any more with recorded ioctl files from
version 0.1.

- umockdev-run: Fix running of child program to keep stdin.
- preload: Fix resolution of "/dev" and "/sys"
- ioctl_tree: Fix endless loop when the first encountered ioctl was unknown
- preload: Support opening a /dev node multiple times for ioctl emulation
  (issue #3)
- Fix parallel build (issue #2)
- Support xz compressed ioctl files in umockdev_testbed_load_ioctl().
- Add example umockdev and ioctl files for a gphoto camera and an MTP capable
  mobile phone.
- Fix building with automake 1.11.3 and Vala 0.16.
- Generalize ioctl recording and emulation for ioctls with simple structs, i.
  e. no pointer fields. This makes it much easier to add more ioctls in the
- Store return values of ioctls in records, as they are not always 0
  (like EVIOCGBIT)
- Add support for ioctl ranges (like EVIOCGABS) and ioctls with variable length
  (like EVIOCGBIT).
- Add all reading evdev ioctls, for recording and mocking input devices like
  touch pads, touch screens, or keyboards. (issue #1)


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