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Martin Pitt
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Release notes 

Command line argument changes (not backwards compatible):
- Change umockdev-record's --ioctl option: The argument is now
  "devicefile=outputfile" like with umockdev-run, instead of specifying the
  device as the first positional argument. This was inconsistant, and is
  necessary to support other kinds of recording in the future.
- Rename umockdev-run's -l/--load option to -d/--device. Other kinds of files
  (ioctl dumps, and read/write scripts) also get "loaded" into the testbed, so
  the previous name does not make sense any more.

New features/API:
- Emulate SUBSYSTEM=tty mocked device nodes as PTYs instead of plain files, so
  that they behave tty-like and respond to the relevant ioctls.
  (first part of issue #9)
- Add new method umockdev_testbed_get_dev_fd() to get the master end file
  descriptor for simulated tty devices (and possibly other kinds of devices in
  the future), so that a test suite can communicate with clients that connect
  to the simulated tty device node. (second part of issue #9)
- Add recording of read()s and write()s to a device into files, called
  "device scripts". Add umockdev-record option -s/--script for this.
- Add new method umockdev_testbed_load_script() to replay read()s and
  write()s of a device from a script. (issue #18)
- Add new option -s/--script to umockdev-run to load a script into the testbed.
  (issue #18)
- Add new method umockdev_testbed_set_attribute_link() to set attributes which
  are symlinks; most importantly this allows testbeds to set the "driver"
  attribute. (first part of issue #22)
- Record the "driver" attribute in umockdev-record, and restore it in
  umockdev_testbed_add_from_string(). (second part of issue #22)
- Add new method umockdev_testbed_remove_device() to remove a sysfs device and
  all its associated links, device node, etc. (issue #17)

Bug fixes:
- umockdev-run: Give proper error message if --ioctl argument is invalid.
- preload: Only look up original libc functions once. (issue #21)
- preload: Wrap fclose(). (issue #20)
- Work around gtk-doc non-POSIX recursive variable expansion with automake >=
  1.13 and gtk-doc >= 1.19, which previously failed
- Do not export internal symbols in libumockdev library.


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