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Neil J. Patel
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1 Andrea Azzarone, 3 Brandon Schaefer, 2 Didier Roche, 1 Gord Allott, 2 Jason Smith, 2 Jay Taoko, 1 Marnanel Thurman, 3 Neil J. Patel, 16 Sam Spilsbury
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
744133 #744133 compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in dee_model_get_value() 2 Critical Neil J. Patel  3 Invalid
801428 #801428 loading unitydialog before unity hangs unity 3 High Sam Spilsbury  3 Invalid
820240 #820240 Ensure ZG supports full-text indexing and searching of CJK content 3 High Brandon Schaefer  3 Invalid
827417 #827417 [CJK] Unity dash application search returns irrelevant applications but all relevant applications are shown 4 Medium Brandon Schaefer  3 Invalid
797230 #797230 Launcher - When dragging a browser tab from either Firefox or Chromium, both of these web browsers should highlight as valid drop receptacles (if they are in the Launcher) 6 Wishlist Jason Smith  3 Invalid
795071 #795071 rendundant window properties _COMPIZ_WINDOW_DECOR_ACTIVE and _COMPIZ_WINDOW_DECOR_NORMAL are used 5 Low Sam Spilsbury  4 Won't Fix
709461 #709461 Application windows can sometimes fail to display and will mask regions of the screen 4 Medium Sam Spilsbury  7 Triaged
795051 #795051 unity window decorator needs to manually detect window modality 5 Low Sam Spilsbury  7 Triaged
741129 #741129 [launcher] Impossible to keep KDE Apps in Launcher 3 High Didier Roche  10 Fix Released
745243 #745243 [dash] wrong search result of Unity in Chinese 3 High Brandon Schaefer  10 Fix Released
746761 #746761 can't type characters with accent (dead keys) 3 High Neil J. Patel  10 Fix Released
810971 #810971 External monitor causes screen corruption 3 High Jay Taoko  10 Fix Released
813359 #813359 'Super' shortcuts for the launcher doesn't work anymore 3 High Jason Smith  10 Fix Released
827579 #827579 If the wallpaper file is deleted, Unity/Compiz crash on Oneiric 3 High Gord Allott  10 Fix Released
711894 #711894 xterm -iconic option does not work with compiz 4 Medium Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
755234 #755234 systray appears behind main panel/one pixel for some qt applications 4 Medium Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
755432 #755432 Launch application (Alt-F2) should select the best match by default 4 Medium Didier Roche  10 Fix Released
765758 #765758 Dash - As soon as a user starts dragging a app from the App Lens, all Launcher icons should re-saturate. 4 Medium Andrea Azzarone  10 Fix Released
778233 #778233 windows disapear when moved using workspace switcher 4 Medium Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
788240 #788240 full-screen window mode doesn't work on lower of two monitors in extended workspace under Unity 4 Medium Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
788689 #788689 Fix Object::Dispose and Object::UnReference to improve memory deallocation 4 Medium Jay Taoko  10 Fix Released
788981 #788981 panels get stacked incorrectly on vp switch 4 Medium Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
789827 #789827 always on top windows don't remain always on top when there is a fullscreen window active 4 Medium Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
795065 #795065 scrolling on top of a close animation switches viewports 4 Medium Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
802938 #802938 dash prevents the system going to suspend (which may suspend afterwards when the dash is closed) 4 Medium Neil J. Patel  10 Fix Released
812707 #812707 grid plugin doesn't have the fixes for alpha rendering 4 Medium Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
812711 #812711 dialogs really slow to be displayed since the compiz update 4 Medium Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
779577 #779577 Windows get placed off screen when they are created 5 Low Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
795069 #795069 dialogs are placed off-center 5 Low Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
795899 #795899 unity networkarearegion doesn't update the property correctly on panel changes 5 Low Sam Spilsbury  10 Fix Released
805938 #805938 Totem set as default music player after install instead of Banshee 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
806636 #806636 [Oneiric] Compiz fails to update window title until focused window is changed unless window is maximized 1 Undecided Marnanel Thurman  10 Fix Released
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