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0.3.1 release from the trunk series released

Release information
Release notes:

This release fixes some bugs since 0.3 release, mostly the subdevice detection was broken causing the UI almost completely disabled.

Features added:
 * Possibility to change network graph colors (and more clear download and upload lines)

Removed libcurl dependency.


 * Fixed subdevice detection (no ports showed and no net status)
 * Fixed network speed errors
 * Fixed graph speed scale labels
 * LP #769573: Better check DefaultConnectionDevice return
 * LP #1923601: Handle errors on downloading router icon (removed icon support and libcurl dep)

File Description Downloads
download icon upnp-router-control-0.3.1.tar.gz (md5) UPnP Router Control 0.3.1 344
last downloaded 24 hours ago
Total downloads: 344

0.3 release from the trunk series released

Release information
Release notes:

In this new release, after 10 years, are fixed lot fo issues of the 0.2.

Finally ported to Gtk3 along with nice looking GtkHeaderBar and client-side-decorations, but also under the hood the are lot of fixes and improvements as well. Lot of improvements are related also to the network graph like fullscale detection, HiDPI, support for non ASCII langages, react to changes of Gtk theme and mitigation of delays in router responses.

URC now requires libgupnp and libgssdp 1.2 to compile.


    * [feature] Ported to Gtk3 along with GtkHeaderBar and client-side decoration
    * [feature] Added refresh button to force the reload of the data
    * Ported code to newer libgssdp-1.2 and libgupnp-1.2 (LP #1100236, LP #1828792)
    * Better handling of the ports list (no more flikering on updates)
    * Don't trust PortMappingNumberOfEntries value, polling until the end
    * Fixed various bugs in the network graph (included HiDPI compliance)
    * Handling of router config URL with regular Gtk markup link
    * Removed libdownload dependency
    * [bug fixed] LP #1802084: "enabled" status not filled in the post mapping list (thanks Daniel Steglich)
    * [bug fixed] LP #1527534: Added support for IDG v2 (thanks miniupnp)
    * [bug fixed] Debian #713706: Add -lm to LDADD to fix libm underlinkage (thanks Barry deFreese)
    * [bug fixed] LP #772589: close with error when SSDP socket is in use
    * [l18n] Added el.po en_GB.po gl.po pt_BR.po sv.po
    * [l18n] Updated de.po es.po eu.po fr.po it.po nl.po pl.po ru.po

File Description Downloads
download icon upnp-router-control-0.3.tar.gz (md5) UPnP Router Control 0.3 146
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
Total downloads: 146

0.2 release from the trunk series released

Release information
Release notes:

This new release fixes a lot of bugs of previous version and comes with some new feature like network history graph.

See Changelog for more info.


    * New network history graph
    * Support for device icon
    * Show total bytes sent and received

Bugs fixed:
    * LP #654198: quit menu item has no shortcut
    * LP #645965: segmentation fault when in debug mode
    * A lot of various bugs

    * Updated: de.po es.po eu.po it.po pl.po ru.po
    * Added: fr.po

File Description Downloads
download icon upnp-router-control-0.2.tar.gz (md5, sig) UPnP Router Control 0.2 5,423
last downloaded 19 weeks ago
Total downloads: 5,423

0.1 release from the trunk series released

Release information
Release notes:

First release. Basic port forward functions.

See README file for more informations.

File Description Downloads
download icon upnp-router-control-0.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) UPnP Router Control 0.1 535
last downloaded 56 weeks ago
Total downloads: 535