UPnP Router Control 0.3

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UPnP Router Control
Daniele Napolitano
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4 Daniele Napolitano
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Release notes 

In this new release, after 10 years, are fixed lot fo issues of the 0.2.

Finally ported to Gtk3 along with nice looking GtkHeaderBar and client-side-decorations, but also under the hood the are lot of fixes and improvements as well. Lot of improvements are related also to the network graph like fullscale detection, HiDPI, support for non ASCII langages, react to changes of Gtk theme and mitigation of delays in router responses.

URC now requires libgupnp and libgssdp 1.2 to compile.


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    * [feature] Ported to Gtk3 along with GtkHeaderBar and client-side decoration
    * [feature] Added refresh button to force the reload of the data
    * Ported code to newer libgssdp-1.2 and libgupnp-1.2 (LP #1100236, LP #1828792)
    * Better handling of the ports list (no more flikering on updates)
    * Don't trust PortMappingNumberOfEntries value, polling until the end
    * Fixed various bugs in the network graph (included HiDPI compliance)
    * Handling of router config URL with regular Gtk markup link
    * Removed libdownload dependency
    * [bug fixed] LP #1802084: "enabled" status not filled in the post mapping list (thanks Daniel Steglich)
    * [bug fixed] LP #1527534: Added support for IDG v2 (thanks miniupnp)
    * [bug fixed] Debian #713706: Add -lm to LDADD to fix libm underlinkage (thanks Barry deFreese)
    * [bug fixed] LP #772589: close with error when SSDP socket is in use
    * [l18n] Added el.po en_GB.po gl.po pt_BR.po sv.po
    * [l18n] Updated de.po es.po eu.po fr.po it.po nl.po pl.po ru.po

1 blueprint and 5 bugs targeted

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Refresh button Refresh button 2 Low   11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1100236 #1100236 Linking error against unstable GUPnP 3 High Daniele Napolitano  10 Fix Released
1802084 #1802084 Port Forwardings are disabled randomly 3 High Daniele Napolitano  10 Fix Released
772589 #772589 URC close with error when SSDP socket is in use 5 Low   10 Fix Released
1527534 #1527534 No support for IGD v2 5 Low Daniele Napolitano  10 Fix Released
1828792 #1828792 New gupnp transition 1 Undecided Daniele Napolitano  10 Fix Released
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