First stable version UPR 8.04 r1 released

Written for Ubuntu Privacy Remix by Mark Preetorius on 2008-12-04

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Changelog UPR 8.04 stable r1, released 04.12.2008:

1. New UPR-Kernel
The UPR-Kernel was able to mount some RAID-Arrays, because the
controllers are identified by the system as a SCSI-controller, even if
(S)-ATA-Disks are used. For UPR this is a security issue, because
removing the ability of mounting local S-/ATA-Disks is part of the
concept to seal off users to assure their privacy.
From the new Kernel we removed support for
* all SCSI/IDE/SATA/SAS RAID-controllers
* Fibre Chanel Controller
... and some more.
This solves
The sources, the UPR-Kernel ist based on, were updated to Ubuntu
source-package 2.6.24-22.45 because of security fixes.

2. Security Updates adopted from Ubuntu
All Ubuntu Security Updates released since the last release until
20081202 are added.

3. The DTP-Program Scribus was added to UPR.
Scribus-settings are now stored in "extended Truecrypt Volumes"

4. Added saving the /dektop/pgp-branch
of the gconf-database to the Nautilus-Scripts for "extended Truecrypt Volumes":
This solves

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