Upstart 1.12 released

Written for upstart by James Hunt on 2014-03-07

* Stop Upstart indirectly stealing console ownership (most noticeably when run in a container).
* Fixed bug that could result in incorrect output from initctl(8) environment commands.
* Fixed incorrect variable usage which could result in a crash (LP: #1222705).
* Fixed stateful re-exec issue triggered by invalid jobs (LP: #1269731).
* Stateful re-exec fix to serialise the D-Bus session bus (LP: #1258098).
* init-checkconf(8) now uses a Session Init and can also now be run as root.
* upstart-socket-bridge(8) now supports IPv6 (thanks to Kai Mast and Cameron Norman).
* Allow telinit(8) to work on systems with no D-Bus system bus.
* Numerous test improvements.
* Lots of man-page improvements.

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