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Upstart 1.12.1 released

Written for upstart by James Hunt on 2014-03-11

* Fixed re-exec breakage caused by incorrect D-Bus API usage.
* Tests updated to catch this issue.

Upstart 1.12 released

Written for upstart by James Hunt on 2014-03-07

* Stop Upstart indirectly stealing console ownership (most noticeably when run in a container).
* Fixed bug that could result in incorrect output from initctl(8) environment commands.
* Fixed incorrect variable usage which could result in a crash (LP: #1222705).
* Fixed stateful re-exec issue triggered by invalid jobs (LP: #1269731).
* Stateful re-exec fix to serialise the D-Bus session bus (LP: #1258098).
* init-checkconf(8) now uses a Session Init and can also now be run as root.
* upstart-socket-bridge(8) now supports IPv6 (thanks to Kai Mast and Cameron Norman).
* Allow telinit(8) to work on systems with no D-Bus system bus.
* Numerous test improvements.
* Lots of man-page improvements.

Upstart 1.11 released

Written for upstart by James Hunt on 2013-11-14

* Add '--no-dbus' command-line option for the init(8) daemon (allowing
  event propagation to the Session Init via the upstart-event-bridge(8) to
  be disabled).
* Serialise Session Init job environment table on re-exec (LP: #1238078).
* upstart-{dbus,socket}-bridge(8): Don't clobber existing PATH (LP: #1234898).
* upstart-file-bridge(8):
  - Allow watching for directory creation (LP: #1221466).
  - Reduce default output.
* upstart-local-bridge(8): Handle arbitrary numbers of pairs and additional
  checks on input validity (LP: #1234898).
* Improved Session Init shutdown speed (LP: #1227212).
* New configure options: '--disable-local-bridge', '--disable-socket-bridge'.
* Added upstart-file-bridge(8) and Session Init re-exec integration tests.
* Retain umask for Session Init (LP: #1240686).
* Make Session Init connect to D-Bus Session Bus on request
  (LP: #1203595, #1235649)
* Improved build-time ABI compliance checking.
* Doc updates and lots of test refinements.

Upstart 1.10 released

Written for upstart by James Hunt on 2013-08-23

* upstart-local-bridge: New bridge for starting jobs on local socket connections.
* upstart-dconf-bridge: New bridge for Session Inits.
* upstart-dbus-bridge: New '--bus-name' option to allow bus name variable to be included in dbus-event(7).
* New "reload signal" stanza to allow jobs to specify a custom signal that will be sent to the main process
  (rather than the default SIGHUP).
* Inclusion of Session Init sample jobs.
* Re-exec fixes for handling chroot sessions.
* Shutdown fix for Session Inits.
* New python3 module and accompanying integration test suite for testing Upstart running as PID 1 and as a Session Init
  (priveleged and non-privileged).

Upstart 1.9.1 released

Written for upstart by James Hunt on 2013-07-04

* Fix respawn behaviour regression (introduced in version 1.8) affecting
  jobs which also specify shell meta-characters in the exec stanza (LP: #1181789).
* Fix common bug which could cause a bridge to crash (LP: #1197225).
* Various fixes for libupstart.
* initctl2dot: Layout improvements.

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