upstart 0.6.1 "Born in the wagon of a travelling show"

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Born in the wagon of a travelling show
Scott James Remnant (Canonical)
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Release notes 

Thanks to Jeff Oliver's debugging, I was able to understand why the ptrace()-based daemon supervision wasn't working half the time and come up with a simple fix. Having working "expect fork" and "expect daemon" is a big win!

Cleaned up a couple of minor "runlevel in sysinit" bugs at the same time; and since D-Bus 1.2.16 has been released, bumped the requirement so people know they can just use the release.


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        * D-Bus 1.2.16 is now required.

        * Updated ptrace() code to handle receiving the trapped stopped
          child _before_ we receive the trapped fork() syscall, which
          seems to be the most common way the race goes when running
          as init. This seems to make "expect fork/daemon" largely work.
          (Bug: #264711)

        * runlevel will now output "unknown" and exit with an error when
          called before the first telinit call. (Bug: #400248)

        * runlevel will prefix error messages with the utmp filename being
          used. (Bug: #400241)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
264711 #264711 init: expect fork/daemon do not work as expected 4 Medium Scott James Remnant (Canonical)  10 Fix Released
400241 #400241 util: should include filename in errors 5 Low Scott James Remnant (Canonical)  10 Fix Released
400248 #400248 util: runlevel should return "unknown" before telinit run 5 Low Scott James Remnant (Canonical)  10 Fix Released
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