upstart 0.2.5

Various improvements and bug fixes. Now includes "logd" utility for logging output of jobs.

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Scott James Remnant (Canonical)
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Release notes 

        * "control-alt-delete" event name changed to "ctrlaltdel".

        * "initctl shutdown EVENT" added that performs the same job as
          "shutdown" but without all the usual warnings, timings, etc.

        * "logd" has now been written, if installed this is started by init
          before sending the "startup" call and all jobs with "console logged"
          (the default) will have their output sent to this daemon. It
          currently just logs to /var/log/boot.

        * "shutdown -k" implemented.

        * The "shutdown" utility has been changed to generate "system-halt"
          for "-H", "power-off" for "-P" and just "halt" if only "-h" given.

        * If "shutdown" is run when running under sysvinit, it will now
          send the appropriate /dev/initctl message to allow upgrades.

        * "telinit S" implemented.

        * Instead of trying to start or stop jobs, "telinit" now just sends
          "runlevel-X" events.

        * The "telinit" utility now ensures a "shutdown" event is sent
          before switching to runlevel 0, 1 or 6.

        * If "telinit" is installed and init is called by the super-user,
          "telinit" is invoked instead.

        * Basic manual pages included.


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2006-09-09 Scott James Remnant <email address hidden>

 * NEWS: Update.
 * TODO: Update.

 * upstart/control.c (upstart_send_msg_to, upstart_recv_msg): Change
 the magic to be the package string.
 * upstart/tests/test_control.c (test_recv_msg): Update tests.

 * util/initctl.c (main): Set the usage string.
 * util/shutdown.c (main): Set the usage string.
 * util/start.c (main): Set the usage string.
 * compat/sysv/runlevel.c (main): Set the usage string.
 * compat/sysv/telinit.c (main): Set the usage string.

 * man/ Use install-data-hook and $(man8dir)
 * util/ Also use install-exec-hook

 * (SUBDIRS): Install contents of the man directory
 * (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Generate man/Makefile
 * man/ Install manpages in the appropriate places.
 * man/init.8, man/logd.8, man/initctl.8, man/reboot.8,
 * man/shutdown.8, man/start.8, man/sulogin.8, man/runlevel.8,
 * man/telinit.8: Include some basic manpages so we at least have
 some level of documentation.

 * init/job.c (job_child_reaper): Don't check the exit status of
 a respawning job if the goal is to stop it.

 * compat/sysv/telinit.c (main): Generate events rather than
 starting and stopping jobs directly, the events are named
 "runlevel-X". 0, 1, 6 and s/S are shutdown events.

 * logd/main.c (main): Raise SIGSTOP before entering the main loop.
 * init/main.c (main): Interlock with logd.

 * event.d/logd: Should not be a console owner, but should stop
 on shutdown.

 * init/process.c (process_setup_console): Revert part of the previous
 change, should just output to /dev/null if we don't have logd.

 * Bump version to 0.2.5

 * init/main.c (main): Start the logd job if it exists.

 * init/process.c (process_setup_console): Ignore ECONNREFUSED as
 that just means that logd isn't around, handle errors by falling
 back to opening the console.

 * init/process.c (process_setup_console): Implement handling for
 CONSOLE_LOGGED and generally clean up the other handling.
 * init/process.h: Update.
 * init/main.c (main): Pass NULL for the job to setup console.
 * TODO: Update.

 * logd/main.c: Implement the logging daemon, it accepts connections
 on a unix stream socket with the abstract name
 "/com/ubuntu/upstart/logd", expects the length of the name and the
 name to follow; then sequences of lines which are logged to
 /var/log/boot, or memory until that file can be opened.

2006-09-08 Scott James Remnant <email address hidden>

 * util/shutdown.c (event_setter): Change the event names to
 distinguish between "shutdown -h" and "shutdown -h -H".

 * init/job.c (job_handle_event): Allow jobs to react to their own
 events, this is how we'll do respawn eventually.
 * init/tests/test_job.c (test_handle_event): Remove test.

 * init/main.c (cad_handler, kbd_handler): Generate the new event
 * init/event.h (CTRLALTDEL_EVENT, KBDREQUEST_EVENT): Add definitions
 of these event names, change the ctrlaltdel event to just that.

 * logd/main.c (main): Add the code to daemonise, etc.

2006-09-07 Scott James Remnant <email address hidden>

 * TODO: Long discussion today on #upstart, many improvements to the
 job and event model that make it more elegant.
 * AUTHORS: Include a list of thanks.

 * util/shutdown.c (shutdown_now): If we get ECONNREFUSED when we
 try and send the shutdown event to init, it probably means we're
 still in sysvinit. So try that instead.
 (sysvinit_shutdown): Function to send a hand-crafted runlevel
 change message across /dev/initctl.

 * util/initctl.c (main): Add a shutdown command that takes an
 arbitrary event name to be issued after "shutdown". You'll
 nearly always want the /sbin/shutdown tool instead.

 * init/job.c (job_detect_idle): Only generate the stalled event
 if at least one job handles it in its start_events list.
 * init/tests/test_job.c (test_detect_idle): Make sure that works.

 Macros to define the standard event names.
 * init/main.c (main): Use STARTUP_EVENT macro instead of "startup"
 * init/control.c (control_handle): Use SHUTDOWN_EVENT macro
 instead of "shutdown".
 * init/job.c (job_detect_idle): Use STALLED_EVENT macro instead
 of "stalled".

 * init/job.c (job_detect_idle): Add some log messages for when we
 detect the idle or stalled states.
 (job_kill_process, job_kill_timer): Increase log verbosity.
 * init/event.c (event_queue_run): Log which events we're handling
 if --debug is given.

 * compat/sysv/telinit.c (main): Send a shutdown command when
 requesting to enter runlevel 0 or runlevel 6, likewise for
 runlevel 1, s or S which all run "rc1" not "rcS".
 * init/main.c (main): When called directory (pid != 1) try and
 run telinit before complaining that we're not init. Make sure
 errors aren't lost.

2006-09-04 Johan Kiviniemi <email address hidden>

 * upstart/control.c (upstart_addr): Replace use of __builtin_offsetof
 with offsetof.
 * upstart/tests/test_control.c (test_recv_msg): Likewise.

2006-09-04 Scott James Remnant <email address hidden>

 * util/shutdown.c (main): Exit normally after sending the warning
 message if -k is given.

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