upstart 0.6.7 "Return of the Mole"

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Return of the Mole
Scott James Remnant
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Support for disabling a job without deleting the file or commenting out the "start on" stanza; some new D-Bus properties and signals and documentation improvements.


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 * A new "manual" stanza has been added to the configuration, this
   removes any previously defined "start on" stanza for job so that
   the job can only be started with initctl "start". This allows
   quick disabling of a job with:

  echo "manual" >> /etc/init/jobname.conf

 * Upstart now emits a "GoalChanged" D-Bus signal immediately after
   changing the "goal" property of an instance, a "StateChanged"
   signal after changing the "state" property, and a "Failed" signal
   after marking an instance as failed.

 * Job objects now include "start_on", "stop_on" and "emits"
   properties containing the appropriate information from the

 * For developers, a "debug" stanza has been added; if present in a
   job, the job will wait before the exec call and can be attached
   to by gdb to examine Upstart's state.

 * Manpage fixes. (Bugs: #677392, #686734)

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677392 #677392 minor typos and man page clarification 5 Low James Hunt  10 Fix Released
686734 #686734 description of 'task' should say 'exiting with a zero exit status' instead of 'existing with a zero exit status' 5 Low Scott James Remnant (Canonical)  10 Fix Released
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