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A tray application that detects USB ADSL modems, extracts their firmware, allows Connects settings to be set, then connects them to their ISP using PPPoE or PPPoA

The application currently can:
    supports - Speedtouch 330 - revisions 0-4
    work from a livecd or from a fresh install get a modem working without reboot
    detect a change of modem and do a Re-extract of the firmware
    allow the user to change the username, password, vc, vi and store this information
    provide a tray icon that reports the state of the modem, and its connection status
    connect using PPPoA, or PPPoE and set resolve.conf
    Allow a basic user to use a Speedtouch modem to get onto the internet.
    Is multi lingual - English, Turkish, French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Polish, Finnish, Greek, Romanian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Italian
    has options to enable, disable:
         connect on startup
         start application on login
         connect before login (script in rc2.d)

Future enhancements are;
    Expand to support more modems
    have a suggested vc vi values by country
    have options to enable, disable:
         redial if connection dropped.

I have SVN repository at

I have Wiki at

A Debian (.deb) Package is available (tested on Ubuntu, Xubuntu - Version 6.06 6.10 7.04 - installs and LIVE CD's

This is my first ever project, I am a Java Developer by nature and have done a first shot at the application,
I could really do with mentoring as this is my first Debian package and also the first time I have used launchpad.

The code I have written works well, and I have tested it with all the modems I have available (3 Speedtouch modems).
Many of the important tasks that are done during installation and connection are done by using the commands.getoutput() method, I am sure that veteran Python developers can help me identify which of these can be replaced with modules calls that I am not aware of.

I choose speedtouch 330 modems because they are provided free by most ISPs and many people on old windows 95-98 machines would love to come to Ubuntu, but don't want to shell out for a router

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