USBManager 1.0.0

* Add formating support for EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4;
* Create the 'used space' analysis;
* More translations;

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Release notes 

* Snapshot from revision 163
* Fixed bug #494026
* Fixed bug #414018
* Fixed bug #423476
* Fixed bug #413995
* Fixed bug #414003
* Fixed bug #413438
* Minor UI changes
* New features:
    - Device Usage Analisys;
    - More notifications;
    - Better support for Red Hat based distributions (as Fedora).
    - EXT File System formating support.
    - Smart umounting.
    - Added GOBjects Signals usage;
* Translations:
    - Dutch;
    - French;
    - German;
    - Spanish;
    - Russian;
* Unfinished Translations:
    - Arabic;
    - Thai;
    - Turkish;


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** Visibly the USBManager has the following improvements **

 - Better support for Red Hat based distributions (as Fedora): This new funcionality was resulted by the work on Bug #423476. As Red Hat based distributions does not use gksudo was created a routine to pre-select the proper command used to "become root". Actually this routine searches for the following functions: gksudo, gksu and beesu. If none of those are supported by you Linux distribution, please report a bug here (, inform which graphical front-end for sudo can be used and I'll provide the correction immediately.

 - New Disk usage window design: The Disk Usage window now has collored bars, used to highlight the biggest files and folders. Also, a device macro analysis wes added, providing and overview of the total number of files, average size of files, total number of folders and average size of folders.

 - EXT File System formating support: USBManager 1.0.0 supports formating for the following file systems: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3 e EXT4.

 - Smart umounting: The device is automatically umounted before changing the device label.

- More notifications: Some more new notifications were added in 1.0.0. Ex: Umounted device notification.

** The most important non-visual improvements are highlighted below **

- GOBjects Signals: All objects inside USBManager communicate with signals, reducing the usage of pointers nad bringing more code flexibility.
On demand analysis: The Disk Usage tool was modified to provide file/folder scanning and analysis only when a folder is selected. This modification was made to reduce the Disk Usage Tool startup time and making it more fast and user friendly.
-Community translations: USBManager started using Rosetta, launchpad's translation tool ( With this, the USBManager translations can be made trough the Web without the need to install some additional software. The translated strings are sporadicly merged into the USBManager's code.
- More translations: Further on Brazilian Portuguese translation were added more 5 languages (thanks for the lanchpad community contributions): Dutch, French, German, Russian and Spanish. Actually, there are unfinished translations for Thai (25% translated), Turkish (84% translated) and Arabic (23% translated).

** Bugs **
"Minor bugs" corrections:
 Details in the README
 Renaming of the .desktop file
 "Error" repeatedly spelled as "Erro"

"Average bugs" corrections:
 Wrong script end-of-line-encoding

"Critical bugs" corrections:
 Umounting fail

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
414018 #414018 Relabeling of a device doesn't work 2 Critical Magnun Leno  10 Fix Released
413995 #413995 Renaming of the .desktop file 3 High Magnun Leno  10 Fix Released
423476 #423476 Umounting fail 3 High Magnun Leno  10 Fix Released
494026 #494026 "Error" repeatedly spelled as "Erro" 3 High Magnun Leno  10 Fix Released
413438 #413438 Details in the README 4 Medium Magnun Leno  10 Fix Released
414003 #414003 Wrong script end-of-line-encoding 4 Medium Magnun Leno  10 Fix Released
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