Vadi Mapper 1.0!

Written for Vadi Mapper by Vadim Peretokin on 2011-07-09

Vadi Mapper 1.0 is here! This is a mostly bugfix release to make commands case-sensitive again, so they can be overriden with capitalization.

Note that at this point in time, the bulk of development focus has switched to a more capable mapper that comes with Mudlet. It does not have all of the capabilities as the Vadi Mapper yet, but it does have features that this mapper lacks/will be quite-to-nearly-impossible to do such as 2D and 3D map viewing, map labels, individual and exit locking and many others. It's recommended that you switch when you're able!

Changelog (keneanung):
- fixed the use of a scrying bowl
- reverted mapper aliases to be case sensitiv again, so you can overwrite them with uppercase commands. Arguments are still insensitive though

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