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vellum 0.17: refactorings and sweetness

Written for Vellum by ronny on 2009-07-30

This is the next release of vellum, there have been some interesting changes

The Parser is rewritten in pure Python.
The generator builds more nice python files now.
You can tell vellum to change the cwd before starting.
Options now get passed to sub-processes as part of the environment.

Vellum 0.16: Documentated Release

Written for Vellum by Zed A. Shaw on 2008-04-29

This release is working more toward a completely documented system. Everything works as advertised and several bugs have been fixed in the process. You can read the in-progress book at of which the entire LaTeX source is available for contributions.

Vellum 0.13: Simple Python Build Tool

Written for Vellum by Zed A. Shaw on 2008-04-16

This release features decent documentation at and a fully working modules system to let you build anything that Python or Vellum can build. You can also get documentation on any command that has docstrings comments. This release should be usable by anyone to build just about anything, but might require some hacking if you want to build something new.

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Vellum 0.11: New Format, Modules Support

Written for Vellum by Zed A. Shaw on 2008-04-13

This release features a new clean build spec format that's easy to learn, but a little undocumented. It also has modules that you can write new commands with in Python. Mostly for the adventurous. The next release will have full documentation.

Vellum 0.8: Death To Python, Long Live Python

Written for Vellum by Zed A. Shaw on 2008-04-05

This is the release that removes YAML as a build description giving you a completely Pythonic way to describe a build, BUT, also removes pure Python as the build language by using a parser that only parses the data structures of Python's grammar. This means builds can be in Python *and* can be made safe from remote execution.

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