Vellum 0.7 "Too Much Code Today"

This is just a quick release to get out the latest bzr. It features a -Y option to make it run in YAML only mode for safety, so that you can have it run but abort if any python is loaded in order to prevent hacks in a distributed build. This is NOT enabled by default. It also improves the docs a bit, and syncs the build.yml sample with the tests/data/ sample. Finally it adds log() to the list of Python helpers: sh(), target(), given(), and py() found in vellum.python.

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Too Much Code Today
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   25 Zed A. Shaw 2008-04-01
      Version bump to 0.7 for today's last release.

   24 Zed A. Shaw 2008-04-01
      Implement an option to restrict loading to only YAML files so that you can catch people trying to inject code into the build.

   23 Zed A. Shaw 2008-04-01
      Forgot the log statement as a function for python people.

   22 Zed A. Shaw 2008-04-01
      Updated the python example to reflect the yaml file's structure.

   21 Zed A. Shaw 2008-04-01
      Added a bunch more docs and expanded to give more examples of the function clothes I've dressed Vellum syntax in.

   20 Zed A. Shaw 2008-04-01
      Updated change log and version bump for

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