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ViDown is application for downloading and converting videos from popular bulgarian videosharing websites (currently supporting,, written in wxPython and using the power of ffmpeg, curl and BeautifulSoup

ViDown is a simple python application for downloading videos from,,,, and ViDown checks the url and reads
the information about the video. The information is later used for naming the files and setting id3 tags if you choose to download the video
as mp3. For converting the videos in avi or mp3 is used ffmpeg with specific options for every supported site e.g. videos from
are with 640×576, option for qmax (maximum quality) is also added. For the audio track is used the lame encoder. For perfect using of this
application you need to have installed:
- ffmpeg (compiled with libmp3lame)
- curl – for downloading the videos
- xterm – for displaying the information about downloding and converting
- python 2.5
- wxPython 2.8 (unicode)
- ConfigObj

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Vladimir Kolev
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Latest version is 0.2.5
released on 2009-07-20

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