Registered 2009-05-18 by Siyan Panayotov

Viewnior is simple and fast image viewer, designed with usability in mind (something I work on hard). If you'd like to have a little, handy image viewer at your fingertips, Viewnior is for you!

Viewnior needs your attention for the following things:
Testing - compile it under your system and tell if something went wrong;
Translation - if you would like to see Viewnior speeking your language - then start translating now;
Ideas - as an open-source project, Viewnior needs your ideas, so feel free to share them!

Downloads are available at Viewnior's Homepage!

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Siyan Panayotov
Siyan Panayotov

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  • Viewnior 1.6 released! on 2015-12-17
    Viewnior 1.6 is out. It features support for the back & forward buttons on yo...
  • Viewnior 1.5 released! on 2015-05-01
    Viewnior 1.5 is out with bug fixes and updated translations. This is the last...
  • Viewnior 1.3 released! on 2012-02-26
    Viewnior 1.3 is out with wallpaper support for LXDE, Hebrew translation and ...
  • Viewnior 1.2 released! on 2012-02-24
    Viewnior 1.2 is out with improved interface, wallpaper support for FXCE, GNOM...
  • Viewnior 1.1 released! on 2010-12-15
    Viewnior 1.1 is out with many new additions, updated translations, ready for ...